Rebecca by Daphne Du Marier

This is a novel from 1938. And in 1940 it had a movie from Hitchcock. The main character without name marries Max Winter. A widow in the forties. His 1st wife was Rebecca. A woman who has a strong presence. And by vision of the 2nd Mrs. Winter how we should feel about Rebecca. It is a good book imo. I wish I could knew Rebecca's view of things before her death. I think we don't recieve a neutral opinion about her.

A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara

I'm depressed. This book drained me emotionally. But, I don't regret a bit. And I got tired too 'cause it were 781 pages. I read really quickly and I'm slow reader I was impressed with myself. I don't know if I would read again. It was an emotional rollercoaster with the characters. Some sad parts made me related to but it's in the past. I guess you could read the book and think is the past my present? What if...? Lots of If, however wondering about them it doesn't change the present. Old bad things shouldn't rule your little life. Because it's little  I'll try to stop thinking the ifs and change to when. Because when I'm going to do something. It can means hope. Even when it's late. Better late then never :D.

The book is about 4 friends, but the main focus is on Jude and Willem. I wish the other too were more talked about. One story was kinda of droped and I wish there were more details. And some parts I thought were a little bit over the top. A Little Life didn't win the Man Booker Prize. However, It deserves to be in the finalist. A little Life is an intense book.

Densha Otoko book

This is something different to read. It's a book made of posts on a forum 2channel. The main guy asks dating advices on the internet. They help him to get the girl. They tell him what to wear, what place to eat and the users wait. to read what happened on the date. I haven't see the dorama so, I can't imagine how it happens the conversations on the forum on tv. But, It's really fun. The main guy grows from the beginning ato the end of the book. The users dream and lives by the protagonist. I laughed a bit with the book and has emoticons. I recommend and it's based on true facts.

Bird Box

This one has an easy reading. I finished in a few days and I'm slow reader. This is a thriller book. The suspense comes to mess with the psychological. Many weird stuff happen in the world. When get the impression something weird and dangerous is outside. That's why the main character Malorie can't leave the house. But, she teaches her kids how to work on noise with the eyes closed, listenning them. If the day that they must leave comes. The book talks in the past and present. The present day is when Malorie takes the chances to leave with her kids the boy and girl as in they're nameless.

The past is when she goes to a house to be safe in the 1st time. At the time she's pregnant. She lives well with the others. However, things get weird when Gary arrives. The book is interesting with good suspense. Only that the author doesn't answer a lot of questions. It's like we build something for nothing. The Gary character was interesting, but when never understand him.

Sue Monk Kidd

The invention of wings - it tells a about 2 girls. Sarah Grimké and Handful. They're friends, but their relationship becomes strained. Both wish for freendom. However they're in differents places. Sarah Moore Grimké existed. Her and her real sister Angelina were vocals about slavery. As in they were against. Sarah wished to be a lawyer, but she couldn't be because she was a woman. There a mix with facts and fictions.

The secret lifes of bee - I read the book and saw the movie. This one has the story about Lily and the troubled relationship that she has with her father. The conflict was because of Lily's mother death. In the beginning only tells that she sees the gun on the floor. It's a painful memory and she blocked some bits. She's curiosity about her mother what she did. She ran away with Rosaleen to look out for some answers. In the way they got in trouble even going to jail. When they're in August house it beings the secret life of bees.

Both talks about racism. The invention of the wings has more of a political view. Showing how each side feels, Sarah's and Handful's.In the secret lifes of bee tells about inner racism that Lily has and she didn't think that she was before. I guess in the movie they could show that a little better.

I think I prefer the invention of wings. Good books, but nothing

Scientists And Their Mind Blowing Experiments - Dead Famous

This is a delightful book. Really informative in a fun way.I had no expectations, but it amazed me. I kinda want to look for others of this collection. I confess that I like reading about discoveries and lifes of the past genius anyhow.

I had so much fun with Isaac Newton and his beefie with Gottfried Leibniz a german mathematician. Who has the biggest ego? The problem was who created the infinitesimal calculus. But, Leibniz released his paper first in 1684 and Newton in 1704 the final version. And there were many accusations.

Galileo never married, but he had a relationship and 3 kids. As they were outside marriage the 2 daughters couldn't marry. That's sad. They even went to the convent. Galileo vs. Aristotle. Aristotle thought differents weights would mean different speed in a fall. But, they have the same speed. The problem lied in the frictional forces from the air. He was a genius, but the pope didn't like what he had to say. So, him and the church hadn't a good relationship. Because he had this little funny theory that Earth wasn't the center of the universe. And it moved. So, in the end he had to sign a confession that the Earth doesn't move. And that it was all made up his theory.

And the woman that gave her life for science: Marie Curie, my favorite. She's daughter of a couple of teachers. They were all smart, but Marie was a little extra. She wanted to go to the university, but couldn't because she's a woman =\ But, some polish girls made a group to be like a "University". It was all hidden.Marie and her sister joined the group. However there was no diploma. Marie went to Paris pursue the dream. As in was another city she had to work to pay her studies. After that, there was romance, marriage and labs. When her husband Pierre died Marie's fame skyrocketed. In a summer she met Paul Langevin, a love flain. However he was married his wife found out the love letters exchanged between the two. There's was even a threat to kill by the wife.

Another fact Marie Curie met Albert Einstein in a conference. Albert thought that she was a little bit of cold, but really really smart. That was after Pierre died.

Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri

Jhumpa Lahiri is an Indian American author. Her debut was with this short story collection in 1999. And in the next year won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. Not that i care if book has or not awards. The book is composed of nine stories. Some are good and others i thought meh. The firsts stories are my favorites, specially the one that gave the name to this collection.The good side of shorts stories is that you can read really quick.

When Mr. Pirzada Came to Dine - I liked the theme Family. Mr. Pirzada worries about the well-being of his family in Pakistan.
A Real Durwan - "Believe me, don't believe me", it's a catchy phrase from the main protagonist uses to tell her story. And many don't
Interpreter of Maladies - "Is it really pain you feel, Mrs. Das, or is it guilt?"
Sexy - It shows the affect of a parental's infidelity on a kid.

These ones were my favorites. But, it's kinda hard to pick. I'm thinking in reading another book from Jhumpa Lahiri.


Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

This is a wonderful book about a love story.The main character is Ifemelu and she lives in Nigeria. Where she has a flain love with 'Teto' it's his nickname that she gave. Nigeria has corruption with military government. So, she moves to U.S. to study. When she's there she has a blog that touches many subjects. The main topic on the blog is racism. I really liked the parts about the blog. She says that she never thought of herself as a black person in Nigeria, but when she arrived in the U.S. she became one. This book is really good. I highly recommend it